Sundust Record

Vindsval (BLUT AUS NORD) & Phil (DMP) launch new label

Published : 02-26-2016 Categories : Mütterlein , News

"The Cathartic Function of Art".

Vindsval (BLUT AUS NORD) and Phil (Debemur Morti Productions) are proud to reveal a project they’ve been brewing for a while: Sundust Records

Sundust Records was created from their undimming passion for the deep feeling, emotion and indeed catharsis, provided by powerful music. Their will is to spread transcendent compositions amongst open-minded passionate souls.

Beyond limits.
Beyond musical genres.

As good news never comes alone, the young French label is also utterly proud to present its inaugural release by MÜTTERLEIN.

This new musical project - created by the incredibly talented songwriter, composer and performer Marion Leclercq (of cult French act OVERMARS) and then joined by Christophe Chavanon (Kerwax Studio) - is a truly unique, ritualistic and emotional experience.

MÜTTERLEIN create urban mantras of Sinister Rock and Incantatory Folk with a Black Metal heart - showcasing a harrowing, unforgettable voice that pierces darkness to appease the soul.

Regarding this emerging collaboration, mistress of ceremonies, Marion states:

"I am happy and proud that Sundust Records is willing to sign MÜTTERLEIN. This young label, in my view, stands for the sincerity and seriousness my project needed to be worthily represented. I would not have dared dream better…"

MÜTTERLEIN erase all usual codes, references and clichés to create an outstandingly singular sonic environment:- Since music speaks louder than words, Sundust Records offers you the possibility to discover this strange, terrifying and original universe by listening to the free digital EP "Orphans Of The Black Sun", available right now on Bandcamp:

The wonderful debut album, "Orphans Of The Black Sun", will be released in April 2016 on CD, 12" LP and digital.

MÜTTERLEIN opens a new way, an extraordinary way.
Pure Haunted Rock…