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VARSOVIE unveil 'Revers De L'Aube'

Published : 04-17-2018 Categories : News , Varsovie

VARSOVIE reveal a second single from their upcoming new album "Coups Et Blessures" which will be released May 11th via Sundust Records. Listen to ‘Revers De L'Aube’ now.

Arnault Destal (Drums, Lyrics) comments :

"This song conveys a mix of bitterness, urgency, electricity and disillusion. The title can mean both "other side of the dawn" and "setbacks of the dawn". "Revers de l'aube" is part of the three "night songs" of the album alongside "Killing Anna" and "Le Lac", where the feel of vertigo through the night dominates. The song addresses the deception involved in cynicism and pose. Someone warns someone else. Something tragic is near. There's the idea of pitfall with an ironic allusion to "Satori in Paris" by Jack Kerouac. There's something about the reign of the fake and the anesthesia of our time. It's an attempt to give a tragical dimension to a common and pathetic story."

"Coups Et Blessures" is already available for pre-order on Digipack CDGatefold 12" LP, Bandcamp and iTunes.