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VARSOVIE reveal 'Le Lac' video clip

Published : 06-01-2018 Categories : News , Varsovie

VARSOVIE recently unveiled a new video clip for the track "Le Lac" :

Guilherme Henriques filmed the video in Portugal with Mafalda Banquart, broadly based on earlier directions, following the inflexions of the music and lyrics with a sense of vertigo, tension and urgency and a final, that represents letting go. We didn’t want to go overboard with details or be too specific with our instructions so that he could take over and make his own film out of it, especially since, despite the language barrier, he grasped the atmosphere and the subject matter of the song very quickly. From a chemistry point of view, we think it’s a success ! We hope you will too !

Arnault Destal (Drums, Lyrics) comments :

"It’s an exercise around the idea of a blackout over the course of a troubled night, between loss of memory, anxiety and excitement. Basically, the feeling of a relationship, appropriate or otherwise – someone is talking to someone else throughout the piece (in reality or in thought, it doesn’t matter). It’s a more or less voluntary headlong rush, characterised by liquid elements and the impossibility of turning back. There is a hint of a toxic, violent, spiralling relationship in which the speaker may get what they want out of it, while also being aware of plunging deeper, of losing oneself."

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