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ERUDITE STONER join Sundust Records

Published : 04-03-2017 Categories : Erudite Stoner , News

French label Sundust Records is very proud to announce the signing of the talented and magical Brazilian project ERUDITE STONER.

About this promising collaboration, the mastermind, Matheus Novaes, comments : "I'm glad with the partnership with Sundust, for being a label that believes on my art. I agree with Sundust's philosophy: Beyond Limits. Beyond Musical Genres. Let art swallow you and open new possibilities... It's the kind of message that i want to transmit with my music."

Sundust Records will release the inaugural album titled "Erudite Stoner" (previously released in digital a few months ago) in Digipack CD on June the 23rd 2017 (June the 13th in North America).

"Erudite Stoner" contains 9 sumptuous pieces of truly beautiful music :

01 - Spiritual Deliverance
02 - Alienist
03 - Ride to Nowhere
04 - Far away from city's walls
05 - There is no home
06 - Waiting for the storm
07 - Sand path
08 - Roads to somewhere
09 – Left Behind

The artwork was realized by Andro Freitas.

Here are few words written about this magnificent release :

"The consistency of the album makes it flow seamlessly and effortlessly from track to track (...) exquisite" (Echoes And Dust)

"An awesome release... full of curiosity and energy" (Sputnik Music)

"There’s a wonderful sense of tranquillity throughout the album,.. The entire album is delightful" (The Progressive Aspect)

And since the music is more powerful than any word, this melancholic video will allow you to get a taste of this immersive, quiet and introspective universe :

"I believe to make a heavy sound, you do not necessarily need distortion or a lot of noise...Expressing your feeling in music is more striking than a song with many effects but no message or nothing to add." (Matheus Novaes / ERUDITE STONER)

The Digipack CD can be pre-ordered here.